Monday, August 18, 2014

thriving, not just surviving yo

Up at Adam's Hill (is that correct) high atop Cincy, last week. I had this horrific expression on my face
because a couple near by seriously needed to "get a room". and this place was kinda spooky.


This is the bridge we walked on the next day...those grates? yeah, they are the road. it was slightly scary.

a new kind of zinnia that we planted this year and I'm in love.  Must have more
for next year...they remind me of Muppets.

Fun fact for ya...this small, old, abandoned bank in the lower area of Waverly was robbed by the one and only John Dilinger. 

On the rare occasion that 1.) Will was home long enough to swim and hang out and 2.) it was warm enough for the pool.
It has been an unusually mild summer. I'm not complaining but the swimmers are.

The Rooster (red head center) and his ladies. Has been such a fun summertime addition. Though I could do without Molly's dirty feet and insane desire to constantly pick these guys up. Hannibal, the rooster, is huge and kinda mean ish.

Have I blogged about this yet?? If not, I shall but this is Tim Foreman, bassist/vocals for Switchfoot. I have a whole blog post on this, brewing in my head. 

July 19, 2014...Allerton Mansion for Nathan and Samantha's wedding. Such a beautiful day, wedding, atmosphere!
I'll have to blog about this later on also!

So our friend, Randy, came for a visit. We haven't seen him for at least two years so it was wonderful
to visit with him again! We love ya, fella!

These crazy cats are doing well, all things considered. Mom had already had her surgery in this pic. She has had some issues with wound healing. My sis and younger brother have done an amazing job taking care of these issues for her.
Tom, Dad and I, well if it was up to us, she may not be here anymore.
as far as wound care's not pretty folks, but she's on the mend! Thank you for praying for her!
Glad you are getting better, Momma.

Not a very clear pic of Jon Foreman.
More on this later.....
I have so much updating to do...

all on top of so many deep thoughts and such that I've been carrying around with me.

I kinda don't even know where to start...

so when I left off, Molly had just turned 7. Has it really been over a month since I blogged?? I'm so lousy about this anymore. sheesh.

A few updates:

July 3 - David, Will, Mel and I went to a Switchfoot concert at the Murat, along with a slew of the kids' friends (heck, they're our friends too ya know)...Kelsie, Luke, Mati, Megan, Paul and Austin. Will has been inspired by their music. They don't call their music "Christian" because they want their music to be heard by everyone...and they take their music into uncomfortable places...which is what we should be doing as believers of Jesus Christ. Their show was incredible...this pic above is when Jon Foreman came down into the crowd and essentially right up to where Megan and I were standing! Everyone was pawing him..I squeezed his shoulders and he did a little "whoop whoop" with was pretty cool. (I felt like a stinkin' teenager)...we stayed for their after show, which I will have to find those pics...and Jon very obviously has a relationship with the Lord. We met Chad Butler (drummer) and I told him he "rocked"...yeah, Mel cringed a little but hey....he did. super talented guys, and from what we've seen, in person and in all of their music/YouTube/documentaries etc, they live what they believe. Kinda restored my faith in fellow man. for a bit.

July 4 - Levi and I worked on a major job with David...Brownsburg Middle School install of D's HYBRID flooring. Levi and I watched fireworks after work and the entire drive home. kinda cool.

July 11 - Mom had surgery...did really well. Lost 19 lbs of tissue...the road to recovery is long but already, a month later, she is able to stand up straight and get around better, even with her wound issues. Thank You, Lord. On to good health!

July 14-18 - David and Mel went to Woodlands Camp in GA. They had a wonderful time!

They got home on Friday night, we went to Illinois the very next day for Nathan and Samantha's beautiful wedding, drove home late that night (almost wrecking, pulling over to sleep it off) because on Sunday by noon, we had to head out to take Mel to Cedarville for Camp Electric. She met Mike Donehey from Tenth Avenue North that evening and I will have to blog those pics as well.

All in all, things are going very well...finding it hard to believe that four months from today, I will be 42 and we will be one week away from Christmas...ahhhhh. time is flying!

Molly cut her bangs on Friday. What is her deal, you ask? Creative genius is the only thing I can think of...she will be our family hair stylist, I guess.

So this is pretty much the update...I should be better about blogging because I feel like I'm forgetting a lot of stuff that I will want to remember in the future. That is my update this more frequently.

chickens are good
kids are good
hubby is good
I'm doing ok
people around us seem to be doing well.....

all thanks to God.

I'll be back with more later...I'll sincerely try not to wait another month.


Tesha Papik said...

We love Switchfoot! We go to their free concert on the beach in San Diego every year;) they are also surfer to put on the surf contest that day as well! Shayla has cut her hair twice and it's been a real bummer she's my only girl with here to fix:(those girls;) Glad to see you are all happy and healthy!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! So good to hear from you my sweet friend!! I'm so glad that your family is well! We are all mostly fine here other than a few summer colds. Grace is super excited about the coming of baby Girl. I'm so thankful Grace hasn't cut her hair.... Yet, lol!
Glad you plan on blogging more- I always enjoy reading your posts. Love you my friend!!