Wednesday, July 9, 2014


So glad to have Molly Christine Young in our lives. She is the reason I started this can thank her ..... or not.

Anyways, if you go back to the archives of June and July of 2007, I removed some of those posts because I thought it would free up space. Bummer. Recalling the events surrounding Molly's birth are so fun (and so different from any of her siblings) and I realize and cherish that she was to be my last living, breathing of those things you wish you'd paid more attention to, thanked the Lord more for but I have no regrets. About any of it.

I hope your 7th birthday was as fun for you as it was for us...

More later but this ol' lady is tired tonight.



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Molly! It's fun to remember that crazy time! The twins were 3 weeks old when she was born and I was still in shock, lol! I remember reading the blog from way back then- can't believe it's been 7 years already!! Love you friend!

Tesha Papik said...

Oh my goodness she is such a doll baby;) Happy birthday to your beautiful little girl!!!

Laurie and company said...

Oh I so remember that, Shellee! Thinking of you so much and praying every chance I get, which is regular. Love you!!
TESHA! I'm so glad you commented. I need to find your blog again. How are you, beautiful one???? Thank you for the birthday wishes for Molly! I'll show her your pix. Love ya <3