Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Until we meet again, Uncle John

September 2016, at Carl and Judy's 50th wedding anniversary celebration. 

David, Ethan and I visited our McCoy's on Sunday, 2.19.17, unaware that two days later, Uncle John, below, would meet Jesus unexpectedly.

John and Molly, from our Great Adventure trip in Autumn of 2009
He loved my kids like they were his own grandkids
and in a way, they were. He called this little lady, "Molly Molly"

Mr. and Mrs. Amos, Mr and Mrs John McCoy and Mr and Mrs Chester McCoy. 1964
Our Uncle John left earthly life last Wednesday, 2.22.17. He and Sherry have had a rather rough January and February...He was placed in rehab at Kindred, a local facility, to get his sugars regulated, his diet under control and some PT to get him well enough to go back home. He got pneumonia last week, was placed back in St. Francis Hospital and suffered cardiac arrest at least twice last Tuesday night, early Wed morning. Sherry was already admitted at Seton Specialty for the past few weeks, trying to get her heart function under control, which would've helped the fluid that continues to build up in her abdomen. We got her out of there last Thursday, took her to see John and got her settled at home, under the watchful eye of their son, Bryan. She is currently waiting admission at the rehab facility Kindred. Please, please pray for this dear hearted lady...who turns 72 today. It has been challenging and hard to adjust to this new normal.

We appreciate all of the love and care that has been shown to our family.

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Shellee Wilhite said...

So sorry for your loss, and glad you will be able to see him again one day. Love you.