Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A little January Update

This is actually from the Frothy Monkey on 1/2/17

For my 44th birthday, we continued the circle ritual (froze our bums right off. mostly) and then had dinner and a good thaw at Five Guys.

We were frozen this way...

Love my babes.

Christmas Eve jammies

Got to see cousin Phebe, her momma Rachel and Dunc n Char (not pictured)

Just missing Will, Joylily, even Sarah ... all my kids rock!

Last moments on Pensacola Beach. Look at those future GRANDPARENTS!! Aren't we cute?

My top 9 pix on Instagram for 2016. such a nice assortment! so sadly out of order in my poor blog post!

On our way to Franklin to meet up with Will, Joylily and Sarah! Happy New Year!

At the Frothy Monkey Coffee shop in Downtown Franklin TN

Will, modeling the Unicorn sweatshirt!

Love their little friendship. Molly can't wait to be "Aunt Mo" to Joylily and Will's baby.

swimming outside in Franklin TN on the second day of January.

Sarah and Mel at the Factory in Franklin. Such a cool place.

Ethan at a really cool beard shop!

The youngers had taken off already....



Sarah and Levi

The view from our Pensacola Hotel room...this pool and lazy river, two amazing hot tubs,  was so much fun!
Mel and I ran into her Charlene's Angels from Southland, at the Greenwood Park Mall on our first Wednesday back at home. This Group of fine folks make our hearts swell!  Mel's in the middle, back.
Good Tuesday evening to you!

We've enjoyed our first week back in Indy after being away for a bit. We had a great time in Pensacola FL and in Franklin TN. I was, unfortunately, under the weather for a good part of our time away. We had a fun and memorable time, in spite of stabbed hearts and sickness.

I'm really looking forward to this new year! We will welcome our very first grandchild...have I mentioned that? The more I think about it, the more excited I get. Joylily will find out at the end of this month, if they are expecting a boy or a girl. I lean toward girl but I do hope it's a boy because big brothers are the best! My kids have two of the best and I do too. Joylily is starting to "show" which isn't too hard to do because she's 5' 1" tops and she's itty bitty. I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED!!

See that pic right above my words? That amazing group of folks is Charlene's Angels. Charlene attends Southland with us and she lovingly runs the Angels group...Mel had the opportunity to work with them at Project Reach last summer. She also has the opportunity to fill in for Charlene this week and she is beyond excited. So grateful for this amazing ministry and that there are people like Charlene and her crew of amazing folks on this planet.

Levi is thriving...we are still struggling to hold him accountable daily but it has been neat to watch him flourish since his 10/24 surgery. he's quite a guy.

Molly is doing well with her schooling and I'm thankful for her quick wit and ability to adapt and learn. She and Levi are thrilled to become Aunt Mo and Uncle Levner. E and Mel are pretty thrilled as well.

David, Tom, Will and Joylily continue to work up in South Bend for most weekdays...They are home this week, which is nice for the change of pace. We are hunkering down for winter and wish so badly that we could be bears and just hibernate. Indiana winters are sucky.

I also must add that I didn't even do Christmas cards this year....I'd planned to use Natalie's fam pic from the wedding and still may. I just couldn't hack it thru the holidays...so much to do, so much sadness in my heart and sheer busyness. I absolutely love doing the cards and sending them out. I still may. Valentine's day cards anyone??

Please pray for me as I help to navigate the office end of Young Final Finish, learn the new Quickbooks system, try not to pull my  hair out and help out in the best way possible. Also pray for our family...all of our families actually. Struggles and misunderstandings continue and I just have to lay it all at the feet of Jesus. He alone understands our hearts.

I'll leave you with these gems that I've written down...straight from the mouths and hearts of my dear hearts...

in regards to people living with broken-hearts: "That's what make the sparkle in your eyes...you're always on the verge of tears!" -Melanie Young    I challenge you to look around at the people near you...who is living with a broken heart? I know I'm thankful for my broken heart. It has opened my eyes.

"Love is two - fold: you can't have love with all mercy and no truth." - Ethan Young

"If it doesn't break your heart, it isn't love." - Jon Foreman

Psalm 27:10

Plenty more where these came from but this ol' gal is tired. Good night and God Bless You!! thank you for stopping by.


Shellee Wilhite said...

So happy to see your update! CONGRATULATIONS on the upcoming grand baby!! Sooo excited for you!! Loved all of the pictures! Seeing the one of you and Becky brought back many memories from years gone by. Love you and hope you have a great New Year. Hugs,

Laurie and company said...

Thanks my faraway friend! Happy New Year to you all.
Love and hugs right back at ya!