Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We say goodbye to some of our faves...

This is Alyssa with Kaitlin, another one of our faves, who had better stay at 'Bucks. ;)

Lisi and Kaitlin. sorry it's so blurry.

again, sorry so blurry....Lisi is one of the coolest people.

Lisi with most of my kids. 

Lisi and Alyssa have moved. I mean, I'm so happy for them. Especially because it's like 30 below zero up here in Indy. But their absence is felt. Is it weird that I grew so attached to my barista chicks? NO! I'd walk in and they knew my order. Better than I did. Even almost a week later, I'm a little verklempt about their departure. I usually go to their Starbucks to do payroll on Tuesday afternoons...I came home today. it's the small things in life that make life so incredible. People. People make life incredible. Especially really cool people.

These girls made our (almost daily) visits to a local Starbucks so much more fun and enjoyable.

so, hats off to two of the most awesome chicks around! We miss you so much already.

Ok, I'm done now.

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