Sunday, March 16, 2014

Has it really been almost a month since I last blogged? shame.

This guy had a birthday last week...I've lost track of his age. Happy birthday, Uncle Tom. You are an excellent uncle.
this guy also had a birthday last week...he turned 43.
That doesn't even seem possible.

These two birthday boys above here are very important men in my life. I'm so thankful for Tom and David.
We are on our way back north from Orange Beach, Alabama. We had a lovely time at our friends' condo near Flora-bama....Thank you, so much, B Family. We are completely grateful. It only took us about 4 days to get into relaxation mode and then we had to pack up and leave soooo ya know....when you're a run run run kinda family, down time takes time. haha. I kill myself.

Tonight, we are spending our second night in Franklin, TN. We love this area. We love this Drury Hotel. I love that I don't have to think about food AT ALL here. They serve a hearty big breakfast, we load up, take a bagel for the day, some yogurt, fruit...then they serve the Kick back at 5:30...which consists of salad, nachos, some form of protein, soup, baked's pretty fantastic. We love Drury hotels.

Ethan, Will and Mel have just taken the younger two down to swim for the second time today. We've all worked out in the Drury work out room. I've managed to keep running whilst on vacation...pretty excited about that. I won't have to get home and resume life as I knew least where exercise is concerned.

We had the unique opportunity to drive my little niece, Phebe, up to Franklin. Andy was going to drive all the way to Pensacola to get her for spring break. I love how the Lord worked it out for us to drive her 7+ hours to save her dad a bit of time on the road. She is a precious girl. Andy and his boys picked her up around 8 last night. Right after we had just gotten the kids into the pool. LOL!

We are excited for spring around our house. E is planning his garden and chicken coop. I can't wait to start planting flowers and such. Springtime is my fave time around our house. We have some other plans for our house that are in the works...surely I'll Facebook or blog these developments but who knows. I'm so inconsistent on here anymore. Forgive me.

Will will be coaching a soccer team and Ethan and Mel will be playing. Molly continues with gymnastics and Levi does cardio 5 days a week. David and I have been pushing each other with our exercise/cardio. Right now I'm aiming to get 3.25 miles each day, with one rest day every 7 days.

The kids are cool, constantly amazed at how Godly and loving my older three are....Levi and Molly are awesome too, just a little bit more work still. I am trying to cherish these days.

I had a thought tonight, as I sat in the dining room here, as a new baby cried near by....that, though it does catch me by surprise to hear a baby cry, especially a new baby, it doesn't make me cry like it used to...not to say it won't ever again...but now I just can't help but think about what Jack's voice/cry would've been like. At nearly 3 now, what would he sound like? Would he be a loud mouth, in the sea of voices, trying to be heard (most likely)? Would he be squeaky like Levi? I will forever wonder, which is just a weird place to be ya know? Always wondering about someone who was meant to be here....I miss him. He'd be a lot of fun in a hotel pool or on the Gulf, in the sand, with 50 SPF sunscreen...He was a beautiful boy, complete, whole, wanted. I want to sniff his precious head and give him little bags of fruit snacks. Sippy cups and almost potty training. I miss you, sweet boy. But you know that.

Will made a little friend on the beach the first day we were down there...a little boy named Ian who came right up to my Frisbee players and wanted to play with Will, and then lose interest in Frisbee, to bury his hand in the sand and act like it was cut off (such a boy)...and I couldn't help but think how much we've missed out on having a crazy little boy around. My older three are so stinkin' good with little people. I don't feel bad for Jack...I feel bad for all that we missed out on. but not bad in a bad way, bad in a sad way...

always trusting God though. even when we don't see the plan...knowing that through it all, God has been with us. Thankful for the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

I can't wait to have grandkids someday.

Ok, I'm done...for now.

Hope this finds you well and enjoying springtime wherever you are. I hear we aren't anywhere near springtime in Indiana.

choose JOY.

adios and lotsa love.

I miss you.


Anonymous said...

Hiya! So glad that you had a nice trip and were able to get all thawed out. Sure sounds like fun.

Enjoy Spring,

Jamie Reese said...

Strangely, since I didn't know you when he was born, I miss him too

Anonymous said...

Hi!!!!!!! Soooooo good to see an update! I still think of JOY and imagine that he and Grace would have been full of mischief together (or she could be enough mischief for the both of them, lol) love you my friend and looking forward to seeing you sometime later this year! Would live for you to meet all of my crew!!!
Love and hugs,
Shellee ( who still has at least 3- 3 1/2 feet of snow on the ground)