Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rock & Worship Road Show

Luminate was pretty good.

Bart, from MercyMe....I love MercyMe but could've done without all the jabbering and gotten to more worshipping.

This is Family Force 5. Not my favorite but highly entertaining? Didn't really see how they lifted the name of Jesus Christ but then again, it WAS kinda hard to hear what they were saying/singing...just a lot of wobble. scratching my head.


My new favorite Christian musicians. Awesome testimony and words! No denying who they were there to lift!

and the next few pix are of Jeremy Camp....

Again, no denying WHO this guy was glorifying!

Boom Jeremy!

Jeremy again, and yes, hard to see but what a cool picture.
boo yah!
Ok, my last unexpected post for the night...
I will start putting up the Orange Beach, AL pix tomorrow...hopefully.
I found my cam cable. Here's to a busy busy, cray cray week.
Good night!

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