Thursday, March 3, 2016

Fuller House and stuff

I feel the need to blog about this...for some reason.

I'm going about a very much needed day in my home...a day where my first three kids are hanging out in Orange Beach with their friends and Grandparents...

A day where my hubby is on a job at a local church, doing what he loves...and after the desk stuff we both endured yesterday, I'm super thankful for this little break.

I watched episode 3 of Fuller House on Netflix last night. Bugged the crap out of me....I can't get over what a sellout Candace Cameron Bure seems to be. I will admit, I was a little excited to see that there may possibly be a family friendly show on Netflix...we don't watch much TV at all but we like to find a clean series and watch it occasionally.

We will not be watching this. It is far from clean and the innuendos are more than I can take. It is pure cheese and skank. Maybe the original series was the same way and I just don't remember...I'm sure there were innuendos on that too....


People ask us how we raised such nice, thoughtful kids...I can tell you one thing is is NOT because we let them sit and watch TV. (e.g. I'm not saying, at all, that we didn't make mistakes and still will make mistakes or never watched the Simpsons, because we did. But when we stopped watching it, we told our kids WHY we weren't watching it anymore!) Limited television time was just one of the things we did to point our kids to Christ and invest in the short time we have with them.

We did the thing where you let the TV babysit your kids...I still do occasionally, let them watch a stupid Liv & Maddie episode or 4...sometimes. (that show has remained family friendly)

The Busy Mom on Facebook posted an article last week or so about how, if the kids can't watch, what are we doing watching it, as parents or adults? That is such a double standard.

If my kids can't watch Deadpool or Moulin Rouge, what the heck am I doing watching it?

So, I just wanted to share these thoughts with you...let me encourage you as a parent, grandparent, believer in Christ or not a believer in Christ, young man or woman...

Movies I watched as a child at "harmless" slumber parties are still with me to this day.
Just seems so wrong. I'm in no way "judging" you if you do watch this kind of stuff...I hope you know that...I just urge you to choose wisely.

And to you, Candace Bure....I am super sorry you feel it's ok to be a part of this. I had higher hopes in you...which just reminds me that you are a human, chock full of free will and you must stand before the Lord for this ninny crap...and that my hope is not in man but in Christ. It's just been somewhat encouraging to see her stand for Christ in the midst of the Ravens, the Whoopi's, the Joy Behars of the word....

ok. have a happy Thursday....

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Duane and Shellee said...

Thank you for your thoughtful insights. Hope you are enjoying your slower day at home. We are settling in little by little here. Hugs to you friend!