Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy Mother's Day to me!

People watching at the Indpls Airport

selfies with some of them

then they steal my phone and do this, which is a-ok with me!

Here we are, at one of our favorite all time spots in Indy and even on this planet. I almost bit the dust
right before this was taken..uneven sidewalks and I don't get alone. As I "gracefully" dove toward anything (Mel), I had enough thought to grab ahold of her and I think she loved it. hahaha. I put on a good show for Mom's Day, folks!

another one of those things that we always have to do when we are at the canal.

Molly wants to join in but 1.) she's small and 2.) she's wearing a dress.

How's that, girl?
Paul, Cammi, Christy, and Austin

So glad we ran into the Kitchen Fam, so we could each take pics of each other! Thanks guys!

 I know it's been way too long since I last blogged and I'm really feeling bad about that.

 Although Facebook and Instagram seem like blogging, in a sense, they really aren't. Here at my blog, I'm able to journal and write as I would in a book. I'm not going to beat myself up for not blogging for two months or even vow to become a better, more consistent blogger. Then I'll just beat myself up even more, which is dumb.

So I'm here today and hope to be here more in the coming days, months...

I think that what overwhelms me is that there is so much going on, that I don't even know where to begin..I know I don't have to share it all or even most of it, but some of it's pretty daunting and it's kinda intertwined in the day to day so how does one blog when they really can't or shouldn't talk about what is going on?? Ugh.

Let me assure you, o faithful blog visiter, all is very well and I, and my family, are thriving, counting our blessings and safely tucked in the Lord's hands. We want for nothing and worry only a little bit. haha

As you can see above, our Mother's Day was very interesting. We attended church, where our pastor spoke very eloquently on honoring our mother's (alive or not), verbally, in our actions, and how that corresponds to our relationship with God. We then made a trek out to the Indianapolis Int'l Airport to take in some sights (I know that seems strange to some but David really wanted all of us to see the place)...we got 1/2 off Frappucinos (we all split them!!) while there, watched people (always entertaining!!), and watched airplanes land and take off. Next stop: the Canal in downtown of our all time favorite places to be and apparently, now, everyone else in Indiana's as well! it was crowded but still so freakin' lovely! If you ever come to Indy and miss this place, I'll spank you! We ran into our friends, as mentioned above, and walked with them for a bit, took some pics, nearly tripped and busted our faces and had a wonderful time! (it was kinda hot for May 10th, but no one was complaining, except maybe Levi.)

We decided that Panda Express and Starbucks would be a lovely end to our Motherly celebration. Lovely Kacey gave me a Mom's special and we supped on our Panda on the front patio. We then rented "Unbroken" to watch and only got half way through....intensity and the promise of an early morning caused us to head to bed by midnight. All in all, it was a beautiful day and I'm so grateful for the gift and love of each child that God gave to me. Even though I don't get to take care of all of them here on earth, I know they are all right where they were meant to be. Weird to imagine what it would be like to have a bouncy, pesky nearly four year old little fella in our midst. I miss him.

I have so much more to blog but we have to leave for piano lessons in an hour so I guess I should get ready...Hope this post finds you doing well and enjoying this lovely spring.

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Duane and Shellee said...

Hi!!! So thrilled to see a post from you!! Happy belated Mother's Day! I am hoping we can see you all soon before we take off traveling the first part of June. So glad you had a wonderful mothers Day!!
Looking forward to seeing you!