Saturday, November 15, 2014

seriously thankful

Bear with me...this post could go all over the place.
Not sure what we were doing in the pic above but I know it was taken at my 40th birthday party.

I met David Young at the summer's end in 1992. I had no intention of getting married to anyone though it was always my first thought. I walked into our church's Bible college orientation...there he was. All that wavy brown hair, big bushy beard and those gigantic eyeglasses. "What's with the lumberjack??", I asked my friend....

Charming and different...those were the first thoughts I had of David. Goofy, tall, well-made, good hands (always the hands)...there was just something about him. We spent a lot of time together, as a group, with my family...and I slowly realized that he might be the guy I'd spend the rest of my life with. Not at all what I had envisioned but God always surprises me.

He told me early on that we would get married.

I laughed and told him I wasn't getting married till I was 25.
(I gave birth to his third child, first daughter at 25. again, God + surprises = :O)

He told me he was going to buy me a car.
I got a little convertible match box car, which I still have today.

In March of 1993, I went on a trip with my aunt and cousin to TN. I missed that crazy boy something fierce. When we got home, I got a ring and a bottle of nonalcoholic sparkly.

We set the date to April of 1994, which we changed to November of 1993. On Thanksgiving of this year (2014) we will celebrate 21 years.

Now, I'm not gonna hasn't been easy. Not even CLOSE. It's true what "they" say, it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make this thing go. It does. Especially when you have two head strong kids from interesting homes and various issues....

I remember thinking, on my wedding afternoon, as we left the church for wedding night...."This is it?? Where are all the doves, the hearts and sparkles??"

And many times that first year or seven, I thought, gosh, this is too challenging to me....but this guy...he is just so amazing and I know he'd take a bullet for me or jump in front of a fast moving train.

We have learned SO much over the past 21 years. I could fill up books and I kinda have. We have been through some of the hardest moments of life but also some of the most amazing. I get to share all of that with him. That goofy lumberjack.

David comes across either very laid back or very intense...depending on what situation you meet him in. Yeah, he's pretty intense, but considering the men he's come from? he's one of the mild ones. True story. He's facing some pretty weird and rather painful experiences right now and to watch him deal with such grace and mercy is honestly one of this earthly life's greatest blessings. He mirrors EVERY DAY what he reads in God's Word and HE LIVES IT OUT.

He has high standards, is a perfectionist and communication is his specialty..Customer Service is #1, which translates to us...He is our family's biggest and most giving servant. He is thorough to a fault.

Yeah, it can be aggravating, especially because I'm not even close to his level of any of those things...especially thoroughness. I won't lie, we've had more disagreements on this than my kids or I would care to admit....He tells me he loves me and my messy ways...

He holds me accountable and is my biggest cheerleader. He has encouraged me to take care of myself and to be a better mom.

I'm blogging all of this because I'm watching David go through some very difficult, work-related situations right now....I love him. It's hard to watch hurtful things take place but we know the Lord is in control. He's got this and I've been watching things like this happen for over 20 years. When one is as close to the Lord as David is, trials come and victories are won. I like to think of my  David as the David in the Bible....the Beloved. Seeking the things of the Lord. Righteous.

Please pray for my dear heart. Also, as we come up on our 21st anniversary, pray for strength. It never gets "easier", it just gets different. We are learning so much and I'm so grateful for that fact.

Thank You, Lord, for my husband. He is Yours and he is amazing.

More thoughts on David later. Hope this post finds you staying warm and enjoying many blessings.

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