Friday, February 7, 2014

I'm as cold as ice...

Just a few ocean pix for my your viewing pleasure.

one month from today, Lord willing, my family will load up in the ol' grey mare and head south.
for 7 nights at the Gulf of Mexico.
15th floor condo.

I can hardly wait and it'll be here before I know it.

ever feel like you're walking down a tight alley?
that's how I feel this winter.
I know God is doing something in me, thru me, for me
but walking this long, weird, dark alley is wearing me down.
And never once, has He left me on my own or alone.
Keep your head up.
Spring is coming. for real...

and last but certainly not least, a Friday funny.
I look at this picture when I need to just giggle. like today for instance.
This week, though chock full of good things, has been very challenging.

1.) David got our sewage ejector installed Monday evening. It's Friday, I'm still so thrilled, I shiver. Living for 15 days without one was, well, gross and trying and I even had moments of just sheer anger and ugly frustration. How in the world did pioneers deal? Are we so spoiled that living without a luxury for even 15 days allows us the opportunity to grumble? I had to remind myself to CHOOSE JOY DAILY! Seeing my kids' willingness to help me suck up the laundry or dish water and toss it into the ravine renewed my strength and my joy 3 times a day. Thanks, Will, E and Mel. <>

2.) It is wicked cold here. I can handle some wicked cold. for a bit. but when you keep getting slammed with wicked snow and ice? yeah, that's where this Michigan girl draws the line. I can foresee David and I becoming snow birds. I know my parents are none too thrilled to have chosen this winter to not fly south. Brrrrr! I'm so thankful for neighbors that will come and snow blow out our dangerous driveway...for kids that will shovel paths to our frozen cars...for vehicles that will actually get us places and safely, well mostly safely, out of our somewhat treacherous drive and neighborhood.

3.) We've begun the sanding/cleaning process on the old doors that will make up Will's room divider. We are pretty jazzed about Aunt Sharon giving them to us and thank her from the bottom of our hearts. Hope to post some pix of the beginning process later on. One other "fun" thing about winter is that you are inside more, all the time, and you look around at your place and find 6,000 things you want to change, fix, repair. Well, yeah, I've got a list going. Wish I knew how to do door trim, window trim and such. Changing things up is always fun...bottom line.

4.) As I sit here and type, I can hear David talking on the phone with Tim, his union rep. Our benefits people are being very difficult and ya know, I'm just sorta over all the red tape and confusing practices. I hear the word union and I curl up in a ball and suck my thumb. waa waaa.  :)

I must get these kids going..If I don't sit right on top of them, they flounder. Remind me to tell you about the dentist yesterday...or maybe NOT. oy vey.

I hope this finds you warm, healthy and enjoying all of the wonderful blessings that the Lord has bestowed on you. If you find yourself in a valley, look up. Sometimes we have to (get to) go thru the valley so we can stand up on the mountain of God. That's what I'm clinging to today. (not that I'm really in a valley but ya know)

God bless YOU!!

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