Sunday, November 17, 2013

a crazy picturepalooza!

Apparently, I stole his heart. LOL!
This was the 10/31 birthday boy!! right before he had a haircut.

this is my good friend, Christie, throwing a hot dog at my head. Look closely.

here...a close up. funnnnny!

Lela, Christie and I.

Carl, Valley Girl and Audrey Hepburn

These pics of Will are just a taste of the senior pix that Natalie of NRS Photography took on 10/26-10/27.

Sunday, 11/10/13 walk thru Bloomington. Such a beautiful day.

Leave her there. haha. kiddin'

Riding up the glass elevator at the Fountain Square Mall in B-town

Everything is all Christmas-y. 

a cool pic of a statute and the moon


this portapotty....LMBO

my children and I.          love

This building...the Showers something or so cool! There is also a very cool Antique mall we need to go to...3 levels. Kellie??? it's on 7th. let's go!

this is the look that reminds me of her dad. and I love her lil ruby red lips.
she may be my favorite living child. ;)

what. a. guy. this face of pure joy just makes my heart burst. 

Will's new 'do and the beautiful Mel.

my adorable nieces, Piper and Nora. ahhh...too. grown. up!
love these little ladies.

and to all a good night. just kiddin'
this was taken really late one morning, when she would NOT wake up.

I'm here...I'm here.
Why is it so tricky to blog anymore?? I mean, I have a perfectly good laptop in my bedroom that I can blog on...perfectly amazing photos to work with and yet, I'm at a loss.

Probably because I struggle with knowing just what to say. I have so many thoughts, questions, encouragements and yet, I second guess myself, I doubt that people will want to hear it or be ok with it.

Can I just say though, that the Lord is working and amazing and I'm so thankful for the church we are a part of??? I don't know much but I do know (no, this is not the intro to that Aaron Neville, Linda Ronstandt song) that spending time in God's Word and in prayer everyday is definitely helping me to grow and grow up. Still have a long way to go but there's more to Bible time than just knowing what it've got to LIVE IT. We all know people that can quote Scripture forward and backward and then live like crap. that's a principle that I hadn't really grabbed onto fully...and so I thank Him.

Our pastor, Steve Schellin, presented an AMAZING sermon on the tiny book of Jude this morning. Wow. If you can, go to and look for the links on the weekly sermons. It may take a few days for today's to show up but check's SO good. Every week, it's sincerely as if the Lord deals with something I struggle with/need to hear.

The best part of todays' message was that the world views us as Haters if we don't agree with their views, that God's Word is "out of date", "not applicable", we've's hard not to succumb to culture but this book encourages us to stay strong, stay close, focused on the ONE Who is able to keep us from falling, presenting us faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding JOY...

don't sew seeds of discord...point others to Christ.
I could go on. See?

Worship was cool...I just wanted to stand and weep. I want everyone to know Christ. to really know Him...not just about Him. To realize all that He's done for us. It makes me want to shout from my roof. We sang On Christ the Solid Rock I a song! All OTHER GROUND IS SINKING SAND, baby!







Hope you enjoy the pictures. Hope you know that I only share these things because I want this same love for Christ for YOU. yeah, it truly took the loss of my son for me to wake the heck up to see just how blessed I am.

turn your eyes upon Jesus
look full in His wonderful face
and the things of earth will grow strangely dim
in the light of His glory and grace.

life is precious.
and short.

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