Tuesday, September 3, 2013

little bits from the past

strawberry shortcake and huckleberry pie doing some little sundances.

levi was so small in 2009

Molly is the age that Jack would be in these pix. Obviously, he wouldn't be wearing strawberry dresses, girlie hair bands or pony tails...but it's still something to help me imagine life in our house with a two year old.

blurry but the daredevil shows thru...

this was the age when she started pulling her 'tude. 

see what I mean?
and look at all of those goldielocks

ahhhh. these were the days.

when she'd still take naps, suck a binky and had to be wrapped in her blankie, which she still has. I'd hidden it in a tote and we were going thru tote to find things for Baby B and alas! Molly found the love of her life. (she didn't even know she'd been missing it...but all of a sudden? she had to have it NOW!) o well!
Jack would surely plunk himself down on the same living room carpet and get his blankie up by his face to sleep. 

I love this because it hardly looks like her nowadays..is it just me, or did her nose seem ginormous here? it definitely isn't now, it's cute and freckly...but wow. this is the ugly cry.
My heart is heavy on many fronts tonight so I thought I'd sit down and scroll thru old pix tonight.

I don't know if that's ever a good idea but I found these little treasures that made me 1.) Miss old little Levi and Molly and 2.) Miss Jack because he'd make our pictures so much more adorable these days.

I won't blog much, just wanted to put my little flag up to tell you I was still here.

Hope to blog more this week, as the 3 youngers and I are going to our friends' house to get crafty and home ec-ish...surely I will take pictures of that, right?

yeah, we will see.

until then...stay safe, stay sane and stay in the Word.

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