Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Home is where the creamy crock pot chicken is...

I bit the bullet and made some homemade play dough. You'd have thought I told them we were going to Disney World with all the whoops and hollas going on here when the first 3 colors emerged. Sheesh. If I'd have known they'd be so smitten, I'd have made this a long time ago.

My Little measuring man...

This will cure what ails ya. Triple C visits and never ever stays for too long. We must dominate at every  meal (breakfast included) until it is GONE!

We grew to really enjoy the reality show "Duck Dynasty" (we do not have cable at our house) whilst on our southern vacation. One of the brothers on the show, Jase, looks A LOT like this. Weird hats with lotsa frizzy hair hanging out. My beard is a little bit smaller though. hah ahahahahahah. 

Levi had his first orthodontic appointment on 2/28. He is going to need some work. Poor Guy. It's a good thing he 1.) is so strikingly handsome, 2.) has such nice olive skin, and 3.) is so very very nice.
Just nice ya know? Hate to say it, but there are a lot of not nice people out there...even in the Christian community, homeschool community and it reminds me to keep on my kids about being kind and thoughtful. (I'm not saying we don't know a lot of really great people either. Because we do!)
Putting others before themselves.
Yep, I got all of that from this picture of my boy.
He has his "moments" but Levi Taylor Young is a really kind guy!

when I'm a smidgen down in the dumps, I refer back to this. not because I have so much against the people that post these things of Facebook, but because, I dunno, there's just something about Batman smacking the Boy Wonder upside the head.

These are what our days look like these days. We desperately need some springtime and sunshiney Vitamin D!!
My Gals. Love 'em.
Will and Ethan are a little bit harder to nail down for pics these days. They are either holed up in the rooms doing school work or off at a Bible Study, Karate, homeschool academy and what not or working with their Daddio. So forgive me if it seems that I ignore them.

They are ever present in my life and I'm so glad.

life is a little bit crazy these days...even with 1.5 drivers....the pace just seems to be picking up so I'm forcing myself to STOP!!

I need to. For many reasons, which I won't go into any detail here. I covet your prayers though. There is a battle going on and the Lord is going to win.

if it means I say no to everything, I will do so. There is a lot at stake. Priorities need to change NOW! and accountability is being sought....prayers are being lifted continually and because I know how the story ends.....

I am victorious.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus...

Look full in His wonderful face...

and the things of earth WILL GROW STRANGELY DIM...

In the light of His glory and grace.

Let me encourage you to turn your eyeballs upon Him.


On another note...My sis, her fam and my big brother are currently in Orange Beach...lucky. They've had some good weather down and even went on the dolphin cruise today. They can come home now. all of 'em. even the old ones.

I'm outta words...hope you are doing amazingly well. Tory, I really WILL write you a letter. I've been carrying yours around in my purse since last week...hugs to you and yours.

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Oh, funny! I love that you have such diverse posts. Happy St. Patrick's Day,