Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yiddle birdies and outdoor fun...

Hello Beaker! maybe you'll grow into your beak soon! and then start pooing all over my porch...


from what I can see, there are THREE little birds!

this is where they sit...under the rafters of our unfinished upper porch (which I love in spite of it's need for siding, caps, cedar paint, etc etc)

they remind us of Muppets.

Levi, showing his mad jump jump skills. over and over..."Hey, Mom, watch THIS!!"

Today, we enjoyed a visit from the K ladies....and in spite of the torrential, speedy rain (no lightning), they swam anyway. love those girls!

gotta love the creative titling on this post, eh?

Life is slowing down a bit. At least for the kids and I. This is the time of year that I enjoy being home and find it difficult to be away from our ever-changing home.

Except for the bug/amphibian issues...gigantic spiders, tree frogs, wood roaches....I could do without. I hope you enjoy the baby birdie pix above as much as we have. I have not enjoyed the uber protective momma bird's endless pestering when we are outside....she flies around and around till we go back in...yesterday, though, her babies hatched and we have had a lot of fun spying their tiny, fuzzy, gray heads bobbing in their perch.

Time to shut the 'puter off...we are enjoying an early summer thunderstorm....adios amigos.


Anonymous said...

yiddle babies!!!!
cuteness overlooooaaad.....*thunk*

I wish my birdie babies would pop their head's up, but their mommy and daddy don't like anyone messing with them. Even tho they are literally inches from my front door.

pfft...wild animals...

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie! Looks like lots of summer fun out your way. Here on our side of the world, Spring is finally trying to make a debut. we thought it finally did, but this last week we have had 3 days where it was almost cold enough to snow again! (where did our summer go? LOL) Today is pretty, I have a bird feeder outside the window and we are enjoying watching the sparrows and other birds that come and have fun. :) ((hugs))