Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wish U were here...

I figured I wouldn't end up in many pictures so my theme for this trip (for weird self-portraiture) is Laurie and strange people...that's the best name I could come up with for now...I took this pic by meself...and that is E's arm behind me...

This creepalicious fella greeted us in the Beatnik section of the City Museum...I have to say, he did a good job giving me the willies...the whole Beatnik section was a little off...but oh, the photo ops that came out of it are....well, just not all that great. He resembles a few people that I know, actually. yikes. shiver. zoinky.

Hidy Ho Neighbor!

I am in the midst of uploading our days' events pictures onto my sister's laptop....while my loved ones snooze in the hotel room around me. My coffee is finally sinking in (yes, it's 6 pm and I finally got some) and I'm perking up again...

The Great Adventure, as I will affectionately refer to our westward trek from now on (a.k.a. GA), on LTGL (which, in case you are wondering stands for Livin' The Good Life)...I've put the little SD card into it's slot and hopefully I can find the pictures....
Ok, I think I figured it's so much easier to blog at home...but this is definitely a fun challenge.
David just took #1-4 down to swim in the tiny pool here at the Drury...Molly is methodically taking everything out of Melanie's bags and putting on all of Mel's underthings...while I sit here and semi-ignore her (that was for you, you can start worrying again that I will lose her in the Grand you bunches)...all in the name of blogging. completely nude and wearing Mel's slip..."Oh, it's so pretty...."
If you ever EVER come to St. Louis, please make sure you visit the City's one of the coolest places we've ever been...lots of crawling in scary, tight spaces (of which I did not partake in much, being claustrophobic and strangely afraid of heights the older I get)...It is one of those places you'd have to just see to believe. At the end of our visit, David was "walking" thru one of the suspended bar-y things and a bar broke out from under his feet...if that wasn't bad enough, Molly was in his if you see a picture of him holding a bar, that is what that is. Proof.
We then went to the Gateway Arch...and I could hear Melanie's panic rising in the back seat. Once we got in to the underground Museum, ticket purchasing area, mine grew to a deafening scream when we saw the tram we'd be riding up 630 feet...yeah, no. 's not happening for the females of the Y family today. better luck next time. I will get these pix posted later...gotta head to the pool in a min.
We are really looking forward to spending some time with Uncle John, Aunt Sherry and their son, Bryan in KS. It will be our first time in their neck of the woods (well, not David)
Mom and Dad, if you are reading this and I dunno, you may not be anymore...but the kids are all still with us, last time I checked...and we miss you and the rest of the family already. One day down, 20 more to go.
while I'm at it, and just in case, thanks to all of you that are helping with lizard and house care. We love and appreciate you.

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Tory said...

It's so cool to see you on your great know, it's sorta like the Griswold's vacation! I know that you all are having a good time, and it looks like you will have to get your rest when you get home. Take care, and we here will be waiting patiently to find out just where the Youngs go next...Hugs, t